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Small businesses and startups struggle to survive in a cutthroat marketplace. These businesses also face the monumental task of competing against the big businesses, making their survival enough tougher, let alone be profitable. But sometimes, a small-time website design company has proven everyone by generating exceptional revenue. The secret of their success lies in being an expert in their field with highly experienced professionals working for them.

What Businesses Look for in a Professional Website Design Company?

A professional website design agency provides a combination of different services. For instance, website marketing, design, and development are just areas where they work and offer impeccable services to their clients. Small businesses and individuals looking for a website designer near me in the search engines for any web design and development task they have.

Businesses in the UK and USA look for the support of only the best designers and developers who offer flawless solutions in this concern. Every business entity looks for a custom website design company that provides robust solutions to its clients. Long-term collaboration is one of the best ways forward for any company, so they don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a new design agency after every few months.

Finding a Website Design Agency of the Highest Repute

Besides web design and development, design agencies must also focus on aspects like SEO, email marketing, lead generation, etc. Coupled with design and development, this gives them the edge over their competitors, and as their clientele grows, this lands them a place in the coveted top 10 lists that can open doors of success for them. It is a fact that people generally click on the search results that are available on the first page itself.

So, which web design and development companies are in the top 10 in the UK and USA? Take a look at them and check out their websites to know why they are on top and revered by their clients.

Top 10 List of Companies offering Website Design Services in the UK and USA.

Below is a separate list of the top five companies in the UK and the top five in the USA. Some companies have a presence in both the UK and the USA, which is mentioned in their description. You can always check out their websites to learn everything about them.

The Five Best companies in the UK

1. Cyber-Duck Ltd

Based in London, Cyber-Duck is a full-service digital agency that offers website design, development, and digital marketing services. It is the UK’s premier website development agency, having seasoned designers and developers.

2. Big Group

Big Group is a digital marketing agency specializing in website design and development, branding, and advertising.

Their offices are scattered across the UK, US, and Asia, with a solid presence in London, New York, and Singapore.

3. Fueled

With offices in London and New York, Fueled is a mobile app development company providing website design and development services.

You can bank on the services of Fueled, which are a class apart and have the reputation of providing out-of-the-box solutions.

4. Creative Spark

Based in Bristol, Creative Spark is a website design and development agency that offers bespoke web solutions to businesses of all sizes. Unlike London or Manchester, Creative Spark started from a relatively smaller city like Bristol but has achieved all the success in becoming a top five UK design agency.

5. Sequence

Sequence is a digital agency that offers website design and development, branding, and marketing services.

It is a unique company on the list, having three offices in the UK in Cardiff, London, and Bristol.

The Five Best Companies in the USA

1. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is a website design and development agency that offers branding, marketing, and e-commerce solutions. Its peculiar name was one of the reasons why it garnered much interest in its services from its target audience. Within a few years, it landed the number one position in custom website design services. 

They are based in New York, NY, and you count on the abilities of its designers for breathtakingly beautiful designs and exceptional development.  

2.Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency that provides website design and development, branding, and marketing services. The company is well-known for its extensive website and detailed blog section, which offers great insights into its services and information about the latest trending topics.

They cover two of the biggest cities in the USA by having physical offices in New York and Chicago and are a big and prominent player in the market.

3. Pure Website Design

Pure Website Design is one of the most reliable names when it comes to website design and development in the USA and also the UK. The company is based in Pala Alto, CA, in the USA, and in London, in the UK.

With its unique presence in both the UK and USA, it caters to a large audience and is a popular name in offering exciting web design and development. The company has a positive reputation for completing projects on time and exceeding the expectation of its clients. Get in touch with them for the professional website design services you need for the best results.  

4. Ruckus Marketing

Ruckus Marketing is a full-service digital agency offering website design, development, and branding. And as their name suggests, they offer comprehensive marketing services and support to their clients, including SEO, paid marketing, and lead generation.

The company is headquartered in New York, NY.  

5. Big Drop Inc.

Based in New York, NY, Big Drop Inc. is a website design and development agency that works with businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for top-notch services concerning design and development, then you count on their services as they have a huge clientele. You can check out their portfolio section for check out their previous work.


Finding the best website design company in the UK and USA takes a lot of work. But this list will help you get in touch with the companies offering custom website design services. 

You can contact us with any feedback or questions using the comments section below. 

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