Soframycin in USA – Effective Bacterial Infection Cream

About Soframycin

Soframycin Skin Cream is part of the group of aminoglycoside antibiotics that are used to treat a variety of skin conditions that are caused by bacteria such as burns or scords (injure with extremely hot steam or liquid) as well as wounds.

Ulcers and boils, as well as furunculosis (boils) and impetigo (bacterial skin infection) as well as sycosis Barbae (an inflammation disorder that affects perifollicular and follicular skin) and paronychia (inflammation of the skin around the nail).

Otitis externa (An inflammation of the ear’s canal’s exterior) along with secondary infections such as lice and scabies. 

A bacterial infection is a condition that occurs in where bacteria are able to grow inside the body and cause infections. It could target any body part and grow rapidly.

Soframycin Skin Cream includes Framycetin which acts by killing the bacteria that cause infection. Thus, Soframycin Skin treats bacterial skin infections.

Soframycin In USA ( is only for external use. Certain people might suffer from side effects such as burning, itching, redness sensation or allergic reactions. 

Many of these side effects don’t require medical attention and will gradually disappear as time passes. However, if symptoms persist or become worse seek out your doctor.

Do not use Soframycin Skin Cream in case you are allergic to one of its ingredients or any other aminoglycosides (neomycin, kanamycin, or paromomycin). 

Don’t use Soframycin Skin Cream without consulting your doctor in case you are breastfeeding or pregnant. 

When you apply Soframycin Skin Cream be sure that it is not in contact with your eyes or nasal membrane. 

If contact occurs clean with water, then rinse it off thoroughly. Make use of Soframycin Skin Cream in children only when it is prescribed by your physician.

Uses of Soframycin Skin Cream

Bacterial Skin Infections

Medicinal Benefits

Soframycin Skin Cream is a source of Framycetin which can be described as an antibiotic (aminoglycoside category). 

It is effective in killing bacteria that cause the infection. So Soframycin Skin Cream is a treatment for skin infections caused by bacteria.

like burns or scords (injure the skin with extremely hot steam or liquid) and ulcers, wounds boiling, furunculosis (boils) impetigo (bacterial infection of the skin) and sycosis barbae (an inflammation disorder that affects perifollicular and follicular skin) as well as paronychia (inflammation of the skin around.

The nail) and otitis external (An inflammation of the external ear canal) as well as secondary infections in lice and scabies.

Directions for Use

Soframycin Skin Cream is only for external use. Use a small amount of Soframycin’s Skin Cream on the tip of your finger and apply thin layer over the dry and clean region as instructed by your physician. 

Clean your hands prior to and after applying Fucibet cream even if your hands aren’t the area affected to stop the spread of the infection.

Keep it in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

Side Effects of Soframycin Skin Cream

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • burning sensation
  • Allergy reactions

In-Depth Precautions and Warning

Drug Warnings

Do not apply Soframycin Skin Cream If you have an allergy to one of the ingredients. Check with your physician if you are nursing or pregnant prior to applying it. 

When using Soframycin Skin Cream make sure it doesn’t touch the nose, eyes or mucous membrane. 

If it comes into proximity to these places, clean with clean water. Do not use other topical medications using Soframycin skin Cream unless it is prescribed by your physician. 

It is not recommended to apply it on open wounds or skin that has been damaged. If applied topically or systemically to damaged or open wounds skin, aminoglycoside antiseptics can cause irreparable, partial, or total deafness.

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