NextGen vs Centricity EMR: A Reviews And Pricing Guide 2023

Healthcare organizations have bid farewell to fragmented solutions. With all-rounder EHR solutions on the market, distorted solutions are now a thing of the past. Day by day, more clinicians are switching from inefficient solutions to comprehensive ones. The two solutions that have earned the title of effectiveness over the years are NextGen and Centricity EMR.  

By exploring their reviews, you will gain better visibility into their effectiveness. As for the pricing, it is a set metric for evaluating if a vendor values your money or not. So, here we will cover both these aspects along with a prompt glance into the basic ideology of these high-tech EHR solutions. You can look at this guide as a NextGen vs Centricity EMR comparison too. So, let’s begin this multi-purpose guide.  

About NextGen: 

NextGen EHR is a tech-intensive solution providing best-overall services for caregivers and patients alike. It looks into the challenges faced by all-sized practices, whether small or large. This care platform outperforms many other solutions because of its forward-looking approach. It looks at the brighter aspects and identifies growth opportunities giving providers an opportunity to scale. Transforming ambulatory care, this multi-disciplinary solution improves patients’ lives.

The NextGen EHR platform packs integrated services, including population health, financial management, administrative management, and clinical solutions. It features tailor-made and IT-driven services keeping workload to a minimum. Also, it nurtures meaningful patient-provider relations with disruption-free communication. Above all, it meets industry standards to maintain regulatory compliance so physicians can be at ease.  

About Centricity EMR: 

Centricity EMR is also a robust EHR system hell-bent on improving the lives of physicians practicing medicine and patients. It primarily aims at the larger practices and yields personalized client experiences. Providing a 360-degree holistic view of patient imaging is the cornerstone of Centricity, making it the best bet for acute and radiology practices. In general, it caters to an array of medical specialties.

This reliable solution has proven its worth by improving care at scale. Its to-the-point services result in optimal care outcomes leading to enhanced patient satisfaction. Sorting and storing patient records, prescribing medications, generating bills, and scrubbing claims, everything is a no-brainer with Centricity EMR. It’s patient scheduling, voice recognition, and healthcare analytics tools are also one-in-a-kind streamlining patient encounters.

Reviews Analysis of NextGen and Centricity EMR  

NextGen EHR Reviews: 

NextGen EHR reviews portray it as a good solution overall. It is highly reliable and fully functional under all circumstances. Scrolling through records and getting the hang of continuous updates is also easy. Some quality reviews of NextGen EHR are shared below.  


  • NextGen EMR offers seamless solutions for medical documentation and treatment planning.  
  • This healthcare platform knows no bounds and surpasses location barriers allowing for remote encounters.  
  • It influences patients by engaging them in care in order to attain impressive clinical outcomes.  
  • Reviews state that NextGen EHR features a clean database, and getting records out of it is an easy-to-do task.  
  • NextGen EHR reviews portray it as a lifesaver packed with plausible shortcuts. It enables users to handle tasks in a blink of an eye.  


Its feature-rich interface overwhelms users at first. That’s the only major drawback of NextGen software.  

Centricity EMR Reviews: 

A pool of supportive reviews surrounds Centricity EMR. Clients take it for a high-performing solution that shapes the practice’s workflow, improving profitability and productivity. Here are some of the note-worthy reviews of Centricity EMR.  


  • The Centricity is a well-crafted software known for its easily navigable infrastructure.  
  • It is equipped with robust reporting tools and creates reports setting performance benchmarks to determine the effectiveness of care organizations. 
  • According to the reviews, getting accustomed to Centricity EMR is not painstaking.  
  • The customization options of this vendor are second to none and it helps practices run smoothly.  
  • Reviews also state that Centricity EMR features valuable customer support service, which makes clinicians feel heard.  


As per the reviews, Centricity EMR is too much to afford because of its pricey add-ons. It is out of the range of medium-scale practices.  

Pricing Analysis Of NextGen and Centricity: 

Conducting price analysis in this NextGen vs Centricity EMR is not feasible. So don’t get frustrated yet. The thing is, NextGen and Centricity EMR have not revealed their pricing structures yet. This leaves vendors in a state of perplexity at times. But it’s nothing to worry about.  

As we know, NextGen software offers two EHRs, and the pricing plans are also different. The small practices can opt for the NextGen Office plan as it is loaded with all essential clinical functionalities. On the other hand, the NextGen Enterprise plan works for large practices. It features advanced specs like NextPen, Mirth Connect, etc., to deal with all arising clinical complexities.  

The Centricity EMR pricing plan is next to explore. There are rumors that this solution is heavily priced. Low-grade practices can’t afford to benefit from its all-inclusive pricing plans. We can’t say much because the exact pricing details of Centricity EMR are not disclosed. For this part, you can send a request to both solutions inquiring about their cost bundles.  

NextGen vs Centricity EMR: 

Let’s now conduct a quick comparative analysis before wrapping up this NextGen vs Centricity EMR software guide. You can take this as a summary of this SoftwareFinder guide. Here are some prims aspects to keep in mind in this NextGen vs Centricity EMR guide.  

  • NextGen is an all-purpose solution for all-sized practices, whereas Centricity works best for enterprise-grade solutions.  
  • The Centricity EMR is rightly priced but is an expensive option for small practices. NextGen, on the contrary, offers exclusive pricing plans for small and large care facilities.
  • The reviews of both Centricity and NextGen are above-average. NextGen scores a 4-star reviews rating and Centricity scores 3.7-star which is relatively less than the former vendor’s score.

Both these EHR platforms are pretty impressive and very well crafted. Indeed, there are certain drawbacks to both, but nothing in this world is an embodiment of perfection. Choose between the two by defining your needs and requirements for making an informed decision.  

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