Luna Encinas Cruz

Luna Encinas Cruz | Bio, Net Worth & Many More!!

Luna Encinas Cruz is well-known as Javier Barden and Penelope Cruz’s youngest and only daughter. Her parents are well-known in Spain’s movie business.

In this post, we’ve talked about Luna Encinas Cruz and what we know about her. Find out more about her by reading on. Take a quick look at her profile summary before you start.

How was Luna Encinas Cruz’s Early Life?

On July 22, 2013, Luna Encinas Cruz was born in Madrid, which is the capital city of Spain. She was born at Ruberg International Hospital. She just turned nine. Leo Encinas Cruz is the name of her older and only brother.

As they did for her brother, her parents took her to Disneyland for her fourth birthday. Her sign is Cancer, and the number nine is her lucky number. She has light brown hair that is curly and white skin.


Antonella Cruz Sánchez and Pablo González Encina are her cousins. Her famous mother’s sister is called Mónica Cruz. Pilar Barden, Carlos Encinas, Encana Sánchez, and Eduardo Cruz are the names of her maternal and paternal grandparents.

The names of her great-grandparents are given as Matilde Munoz Samper and Rafael Barden. She is related to Cairo Cruz, who was born when her Uncle Eduardo Cruz married Eva De Dominica. Luna, her parents, and her brother Leo were all born in Spain.

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Do You Know the Meaning of Luna Encinas Cruz?

The name of Luna Encinas Cruz, “Luna,” means “moon” in both Italian and Spanish. Encinas means “live oaks,” and Cruz means “cross.” The choice of name is important, but for now, only her parents know what it means.

Luna Encinas Cruz Parents’ Marriage

Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden, who are the parents of Luna Encinas Cruz, got married in a private ceremony in 2010. Penelope and Javier first met in 1992 on the set of the movie Jamun Jamun.

Since neither of them made the first move, they didn’t get to know each other at all. In 2007, when they were working on Woody Allen’s movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, they met again after about a decade and a half.

Well, they had their first child a year after they got married. They named him Leo Encinas Cruz 12 years. They had their second child, Luna Encinas Cruz, two years later. 

They’ve been married for more than ten years and are still happy. Information on the Internet says that they live with their two children in Madrid, which is the capital of Spain.

Who Is Javier Barden?

Javier is an actor from Spain. Barden won the Academy Award for excellent Supporting Actor for his role as the psychopath assassin Anton Chigurh in the modern western drama No Country for Old Men, which was directed by the Coen Brothers (2007). He also did well in movies like Jamun Jamun (1992), Boca a Boca (1995), Carne tremolo (1997), Los lunes al sol (2002), and Mar adaptor (2005).

Luna Encinas Cruz Net worth

Luna Encinas Cruz isn’t old enough to work yet, so there’s no way to figure out how much she’s worth. No matter what, her mother, Penelope Cruz, is worth between $75 million and $85 million, according to estimates.

Javier Barden, her father, is thought to be worth between $20 million and $30 million. Besides, we talk about the adorable Hollywood actress Megan Fox, the mother of Bodhi Ransom Green, who has an 8 Million US Dollars net worth. We’d bet that Luna and her brother Leo are living their best lives with this healthy net worth and income.

Wrapping It Up

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