Insider Tips on Avoiding Dental Emergencies

Insider Tips on Avoiding Dental Emergencies

When it comes to oral health, being proactive is the only way to go. Being a little cautious while starting your day is important. After all, they are your real teeth and dental emergencies do happen at times you never expected, making you seek an emergency dentist in London.

While you may have teeth that are strong today, always remember they are susceptible to wear & tear or damage over time. To prevent your teeth from chipping out (just because you did not take proper care of your teeth) make sure you follow a couple of tips mentioned in this article.

Your teeth demand care

It is natural that you want to indulge yourself in sweets, beverages, or a glass of wine during the holidays. However, uncontrolled intake of these substances can wreak havoc on your oral health, making one of your teeth come off. This is especially true for those with veneers on their teeth.

While you would appreciate having a couple of sugar candies or salty peanut brittle, they are not serving any good to your teeth. Dental emergencies often occur due to people’s nasty habit of indulging in sweets.

So, the next time you put that sweet candy in your mouth, be extra cautious. Candies are notoriously known for their bad effect on teeth, dental enamel and dentin. If you want to stay on top of your oral health, steer clear of items like soft sweets, fudges, marshmallows, and chocolates.

There are good bacteria in our mouths that help our gums and teeth to stay healthy. When you intake sugary and sticky items, those bacteria start feeding off them, destroying the teeth’ enamel, causing cavities in between, and whatnot.

If left untreated for long, the effects of these dental infections aka cavities can get hard to be reversed. With time, their harmful effects start building up, penetrating the deeper layers of the teeth, causing tooth loss and severe pain.

Alcohol, and sugary foods, should be, therefore, strictly prohibited. Instead of consuming these items, those who cannot live without sugar and alcohol, opt for sugarless gums. These are better alternatives and do not cause any damage to teeth.

If you are keen to maintain your oral health, instead of consuming sugary snacks, indulge yourself in veggies, nuts, and fruits. When you intake vegetables and fruits rich in fibre, you get one step closer to good oral health. Yoghurts and similar dairy products containing calcium are good for your teeth. They work by strengthening your teeth.

Your To-Do Checklist for Great Oral Health

Good oral health is something that takes time and effort. Below we provide you with a to-do list for good oral health:

  • Brushing: Brushing your teeth daily is a must. If it suits your routine, brush twice a day; once in the morning and another at night!
  • Flossing: Flossing is non-negotiable, but not many people take it seriously. They find it troublesome to take out time to floss. As a result, in no time, they are faced with various dental emergencies. Flossing today can make your tomorrow better. Once you are done eating, floss your teeth and gums so that they thrive.
  • Regular dental check-ups: Having your teeth checked twice a year can save you a lot of hassle. Dentists always recommend having at least two check-ups every year to keep oral health at its best.

Teeth are your friends

Haven’t you used your teeth to rip a plastic box open? At some point or the other, we all committed this crime. Why not use a scissor instead of our teeth to tear apart anything? There are lots of other ways. Try using a knife, a can or a letter opener or car keys instead of involving teeth and making them vulnerable to tooth loss. Not only will you save time (you would be spending at a dentist’s office after losing a tooth because you did not have time to find a scissor and opened that plastic thing using your teeth) but it will also keep your teeth strongest.

Check your schedule

You cannot be too busy to see your dentist once in a while. Oral health is more important as your physical health. Ignoring dental care could cost you a fortune in fixing the issue in the long run.

Two visits to your dentist’s place are a must. Make it a point from now on and have your teeth checked by a dentist twice a year. To ensure you do not forget to schedule your checkup, mark the dates on the calendar, set reminders on your phone and ask your family members to remind you of the same.

Make the visit a mandatory part of your dental care routine. Before you realize it, this will soon become part of your life no matter how busy you are. This will help you avoid visiting an emergency dental clinic in London.

Believe it or not, your teeth will thank you for this! 

Hesitant to wear a mouthguard?

Did you know most dental injuries can be prevented by wearing a mouthguard? You need a proper fit to ensure your teeth are in their position. This can reduce the severity of a dental injury and a concussion too. So, why will you not?

Athletes wear mouthguards during sports where physical contact is at its peak. No matter whether you go skiing or play rugby, wear a mouthguard and save yourself from a big dental mishap.

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Smoking is not good for your oral health

The nicotine in cigarettes is detrimental to oral health. From toothache to severe gum diseases: cigarettes have horrendous effects on our immune systems. Smokers are more likely to catch gum disease than those who do not smoke.

You must not brush your teeth every time after smoking, leaving nicotine residues behind. Over time, plaque starts accumulating, causing gums to get inflamed. As a result, they start pushing away from others, hurting the bone-holding teeth in place. Slowly, this becomes a reason for tooth loss. 

By a regular dental visit, you can spot gum disease before it takes severe shape. Also, practice good oral habits combined with preventative dental care to keep yourself from dental emergencies. Need urgent dental care in London but you are hesitant to visit a dentist? We encourage you to come out of your comfort zone and set up an appointment with one of our dentists at Emergency Dentist London Pro.

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