How to Write a CV:Make the Perfect Curriculum Vitae in 2023?

There is hiring for the job you wanted for soo long, but you still need to decide whether you’ll be calling for the interview. The first thing a hiring manager will look at is your CV, and if it is not appealing, there is less chance of you getting hired. There are some tips on how to write a perfect competent CV for you to grab upon your desirable job.

Readable Font Size

There are standard font sizes for the CV, including Helvetica, Arial, and Tahoma if you want style without serif and times new roman if you want to give your CV a usual look. The admirable font sizes are usually 11 and 12 with single spacing. For the main heading section (such as name and work experiences), 14 and 16 will be suitable.

The layout of the CV

The best layout for the CV is 1-inch margins from all four sides. Make the main headings bold and Italics where necessary. The date section should be consistent all over the CV.

Profile Summary

The profile summary in the CV plays the role of resume objective for the candidate. Profile summary requires you to summarize the key point of your professional career in 3 to 4 sentences. Make sure to use ATS-friendly words for the profile summary or hire CV writers to make your summary well-written so that the ATS-detected system can easily detect it. For example, applying for the job of .Net developer requires ATS-friendly words such as JavaScript,, etc. 

The Education Part 

The interviewed person will always look for strong background and career experience. Including education on a CV is one of the easiest but most important parts to complete. Mention your education year beginning with the very beginning of your educational career, such as when you started high school, followed by college, and finally, by your graduation. To draw additional attention to this information in the eyes of the interviewer, the name of the academic institution and the year should be written in bold.

Detailed Listing of Relevant Accomplishments and Capabilities

You can highlight your accomplishments and capabilities in the CV by concentrating only on the skills necessary for the position you are interested in. When describing the achievements, it is important to use only action verbs, such as analyzed, led, implemented, etc. Put any hard and soft skills you possess in the CV, such as any software or daily routine supervising your team members. It can be challenging for some individuals to adapt their skills and capabilities in a way that appeals to others. Resume writers Adelaide personalizes the CV by making the necessary adjustments based on the applicant’s skills and qualifications. Do in-depth research into the qualifications needed for the position, and tailor your resume accordingly before applying for your ideal job.

Careful Attention Toward the Smallest of Details

People frequently need to pay more attention to the more insignificant aspects of their CV. When applying for the job you want, the competition there must be fierce, and the interviewers there must be experts in their respective fields. They pay attention to every little detail included in the CV to select the employee who is the best fit for the position. Avoid curly font, as the ATS tracking system cannot read that font. It would be helpful if you could use the standard font and size. Take your time when selecting keywords relevant to your industry, as doing so will help your CV stand out more clearly in front of the interviewer. Always use resume language that is friendly to applicant tracking systems.

Awards and Certification

Apart from the strong educational background, hiring managers are also influenced by the certificates of the candidates. The certification proves the exposure of the candidate. Try to mention awards and certificates and the skills which are the reason behind those certificates briefly in the CV.


A curriculum vitae is a document that must cover all of your work experiences and educational background. There must be a significant gap between a curriculum vitae (CV) and a resume. Because your curriculum vitae are essentially a brick in the foundation of your professional career, you must have a firm grasp on personalizing it. To make a competent CV, you must consider the points discussed above and explain them in the blog.

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