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How To Use Google Display Network for Your Marketing

Google Ads is split into two groups: the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network. You can place text ads on search engine results on pages when you advertise through the Search Network.

How does the Display Network work?

Display ads are visual banner ads you see on YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail. They also appear on thousands of other websites. So what does it mean to scale your business?

Start remarketing using the Google Display Network

Remarketing is the best strategy to use if you want to be a dominant Display Network player. It refers to the sharing of cookies with visitors to allow them to track your ads on different websites.

Remarketing is used to keep previous visitors engaged and complete the circle of engagement. This is the best way for you to optimize your Google display ads. 

Let your budget dictate what you do

Be careful when setting your budget as the screen can be a large area. Start small and then test. Setting up a display campaign is as easy as setting it up. The trick is to know how to budget.

If you have many managed placements, then allocate most of your budget to this campaign. You can separate the placements into different ad groups to make it easier for you to bring in more money to those groups that are performing well.

If your campaign is running well and generating significant returns, you can increase the amount of your investment to dominate Google Display Network.

Display and remarketing are great because you can make money online and get more profit if you do it correctly.

All formats are available for creating ads

An ad in any format is important because not all websites on the Google Display Network support it. Although some people believe you don’t have to include text ads in your ads, I strongly recommend them.

These types of ads are not supported by some placements, so you can use both, but they should be divided into different categories.

Make simple, visual ads

Plain text ads account for more than 60% of the Display Network. This is surprising because text ads have lower click-through rates than image ads. This is why it’s important to include both image and text ads in your Google Display Network campaigns.

Display ads are best for visually appealing industries. However, any industry can benefit. To help your business get more leads, create simple, visually appealing, and easy-to-read ads.

Campaigns should be treated with the same respect as searches.

You’re likely to have experienced success with your search campaigns. This means that you know the importance of monitoring your account and making adjustments as needed.

Follow the same process and monitor your ads to master the Display Network. Analyze the results and find out what worked.

You can see the placements of your display ads by clicking Placements on the Google Ads Display Network Tab. Select a website you wish to exclude and then use the dropdown menu option to make it “Excluded”.

To determine if your campaign goals are being met, you can report on the performance of your ads and pay attention to relevant metrics.

You should set aside money for testing the Google Display Network

Pay-per-click audits reveal one thing that stands out: the absence of testing. Because the Display Network is so large, its reach is almost limitless. Google is constantly developing new targeting methods and features to reach people.

Keep up with the latest updates to ensure you dominate Google Display Network and do not lose a lot of customers. After you have achieved your main goal, you can use any budget left for testing. 

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