Historical Places

Historical Places in Dubai

The Arabian Gulf has been a crucial part of trade and commerce throughout Historical Places in Dubai. The port city of Dubai was abundant in its resources and still continues to be one of the most abundant Emirate of the UAE. The city is now a global hub which hosts and caters to the world. Dubai has flourished in science, technology, trade, commerce, entertainment, beauty, tourism and hospitality industry. The famous attractions in Dubai as well as the hotels and resorts set an ideal example for top notch hospitality, luxury experience and service. Dubai being one of the ultra modern cities, some parts of it have successfully restored its old essence.

The old parts of Dubai exist by the ancient Dubai creek. The old souks, historical neighbour hoods and ancient forts are some of the best places to visit in Dubai that stand apart from modernity and advancement. Here are some historical places to visit in Dubai that still hold the old time charms of a port city. 

Al Fahidi 

Step into the Old parts of Dubai at Al Fahidi historical Neighbourhood and soak in the rich Arabian heritage of Dubai. One of the most historically rich places to visit in Dubai. Al Fahidi neighbourhood houses old time buildings and towers made of sandstone, teak, gypsum, palm wood and sandalwood. There are heritage walks organised that would take you through the breezy alleys, museums, art galleries, and even gastronomical ventures to experience the traditional taste. 


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding is an initiative taken to engage tourists in authentic culture of Dubai and offer them to be a part of the heritage by conducting workshops and programs. At SMCCU you get a closer peek through the traditions and customs of UAE. Learn to write Arabic at the calligraphy house (Dar al Khatt). Witness the local life, Bedouin style, devour the ravishing Arabic lunch and breakfast etc. 


Souk refers to a local market which has been an integral part of Arabian culture. The older districts like Deira and Bur Dubai are the best places to visit in Dubai to explore. The authentic heritage and history of the city. The quaint districts set near the Dubai creek have a variety of souks that liven up the Old Dubai’s charm. Find yourself shopping at the spice souks, gold souk, perfume souk, textile souk and many more. One of the best places in Dubai to go shopping for spices, flowery perfumes, soft pashminas and kaftans. 

Jumeirah Mosque

UAE being a Muslim country, mosques are an integral part of the culture and religion. Mosques in and around Dubai are a place of worship, beautifully adorn with majestic domes and intricately carve designs. Jumeirah Mosque is one of the places in Dubai where you can capture the essence of Islam and its teachings. A one of a kind mosque in Dubai which is open to non Muslim tourists as well. The ladies are advise to dress modestly and need to cover their head with a scarf. You will be greet with typical Arabian hospitality, served refreshing cava and delicacies during your visit to Jumeirah Mosque.

 Dubai Creek

 The place where the city flourish, Dubai Creek holds immense historical significance. Set out to travel and explore the old parts of Dubai the old fashion way of boating through the inlets. Watch the sun set in the Arabian skies while cruising through. The Deira creek and end your day by interacting with the friendly locals at the souks. Interacting with the locals and listening to the city’s old stories is the best thing to do in Dubai. 

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