Shimla Manali tourism

Explore top places of Himalayas with Shimla Manali tourism

Himachal Pradesh has many towns and hill stations that have unique natural beauty. The places of this state offers scenic sights, mountains, old world charm and pleasant weather. Shimla and Manali are one of the gorgeous hill stations of this state. These hill stations are also famous and loved by many tourists of all age group. There are many tour and travels that provide easy deals to visit Shimla and Manali. You can get your trip with online travel services.

Kufri, serene surroundings

Kufri is at a ride of around 40 kms from the city center. It is also a must visit nearby place of Shimla Manali tourism. This station is at a height of around 8500 meters offering views of surrounding mountains. It is a thrill place that offers training for winter sports like Ice Skating.

Therefore, this town is known as the winter sports capital of India. Moreover, this town receives regular snowfall in winter season. This is also the reason that Kufri is among the top sights to visit. You can enjoy reverse Bungee jumping here.

Green valley, green forests

Green valley is a breathtaking sight near Shimla and Kufri. It is set against the backdrop of snow clad mountains. You will also find this place lush green forests of Pine and Deodar. The serene Green valley is the place to witness nature at its best.

These green sights makes it the best place to visit in Shimla for couples. Moreover, this place has been featured in many Bollywood movies due to its pristine beauty. You can visit this valley throughout the year.

Chadwick waterfall

Chadwick waterfall is set within the Glen forests. It is one of the most delightful sight that nature has given to Shimla. The waterfall makes a dive from a height of around 80 meters. This fall is surrounded by a blanket of greenery formed by Deodar and Pine trees.

Therefore, it offers a scenic sight to witness. The best time to visit this fall is in monsoon, when the water level increases. This time the Chadwick seems to take on a life of its own. Moreover, you can take a dip in water and splash around.

Rohtang pass

Rohtang pass is a place that you will never regret after a visit. This pass is set on a height of approx 4000 meters above the sea level. It is a high mountain pass in Pir Panjal range that can leave you breathless. This pass is a hub of nature lovers, artists and for all generations.

Moreover, this place is a heaven for thrill sports like mountain biking and Skiing. This pass has also been featured in many Bollywood movies including Jab we met. You will certainly enjoy a road trip this scenic mountain pass.

Jogini waterfalls

The Jogini waterfall is short and a Trek away from the main town of Manali. You will witness the trails that lead to this fall is very scenic. The Trek gives a glimpse of Beas river and snow clad peaks of Rohtang pass. This place is also an important place of pilgrimage apart from the serene setting.

You can also visit many old shrines around the pool at the bottom. An early start is the best time to spend more time at this scenic spot. Moreover, it is one of the top Trekking and picnic places of Manali.

Why Shimla Manali tourism

Himachal Pradesh is full of scenic and famous hill stations and town. The Shimla and Manali are one of those scenic hill stations of this state. You will witness green lands, valleys, high peaks and pleasant weather here. These above voiced are the top gorgeous places of Shimla and Manali.

You will also love their unique beauty of nature. Moreover, the calm surrounding of these places will make you want to stay here longer. You must add these places to your guide while planning for Shimla Manali tourism.

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