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Everyday Gifting With Fascinating Hamper of Flower & Cake

It doesn’t really take a special occasion to surprise those special set of people whom you love. Drop in time to time extraordinary surprises for your loved ones in India. Such kind of surprises are truly special. Imagine how happy one feels when a lovely gift hamper of flowers and cake gets delivered on an ordinary day. It makes one feel incredibly special to say the least. So, don’t miss out on such incredible opportunities to send flowers and cakes online to your dear ones in India.

Gifting such one-of-its-kind surprises shall express beautifully that you are thinking about them. In the present times of monotonous work pressure and other responsibilities, gifting such surprises is the call of the times. People deal with a lot these days and such feel-good gifts might be everything to the recipient. It might be the ray of hope in a screwed up day. This might be the whole warmth of sunshine for them. It might also add to their good mood and make the day the best they have had in some time. The best part of these hampers is that you really don’t need any special occasions to gift these for the matter. Here are some of the top choices highlighted as under:

8 Mix Roses N Half Kg Cake:

Find this stunning bunch of 8 mixed colour roses along with a yummy chocolate cake. It is a unique bunch 8 colourful roses that includes stunning colours red, yellow, white etc. The flowers are arranged in a beautiful bunch in a red and yellow paper packing. It comes tied with a white decorative ribbon bow. It comes combine with a half kg delicious chocolate cake for the matter.

Prettylicious Delight:

Gift a riot of colours to your friends and family with this delightful combination hamper. It contains a stunning bunch of colourful gerberas hand tied in a bunch. The bunch contains 12 beautiful gerberas in the shades of red, yellow, pink etc. The flowers are combine with a half kg butterscotch cake that has been bake with the finest of ingredients. If your love one is fond of colours, then this bunch of flowers is sure to work best.

Orchids Special Combo:

It is a bunch of scintillating orchids and a delectable cake. If you are looking to send gifts to Hyderabad or any other city, this hamper can fit your bill. It is truly a one-of-its-kind combination hamper. This hamper contains a beautiful bunch of 6 purple orchids that are done in a pink plastic packing. The flowers are beautifully tie with a decorative pink ribbon bow. This bunch of flowers come combine with a half kg black forest cake that is truly delicious. This hamper can be gift to all your relationships, including the formal and informal ones.

Pastel Beauty Hamper:

Some hampers are so pretty that it impresses at the first sight itself. Here is a fascinating choice of mix flowers and chocolate cake. This incredible hamper contains a beautiful bunch of mix flowers and a chocolate cake. It contains a bunch of 5 yellow roses and 5 purple orchids that are beautifully crafte in a bunch. The flowers are wrapper in a yellow and white paper packing and tied with matching ribbons. It comes combined with a delicious chocolate cake to put it precisely.

Kit Kat Gems Extravaganza:

Find this exclusive hamper of red roses and an offbeat choice of cake. This hamper contains a beautiful bunch of 10 red roses that are neatly arrange with white seasonal fillers. The flowers are crafte in a cellophane paper wrap and is tie with a decorative red ribbon bow. This bunch of flowers come combine with a Kit Kat chocolate cake with gems toppings. For the lovers of chocolates and red roses, there can be no better gift than this.

Buy flowers and cakes online from any place whatsoever to drop in thoughtful surprises for your love ones in India. These beautiful hampers work as heartfelt reminders of love for your friends and family. Go in for exclusive surprises from time to time to add that touch of magic to everyday gifting!

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