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Does My Startup Need a Fractional CTO or a Technical Co-Founder?

A company’s workforce is its greatest asset, and therefore it is crucial for companies to hire the right people that can drive business growth. For tech startups and many other companies, building the right teams is crucial to the success of their venture. Technical expertise within a company’s executive workforce is essential for the growth of the company, and studies have shown that enterprise startups with technical experts among their executives are more likely to succeed than companies with non-technical executives.

A time comes during the life cycle of a startup when the need arises for a technical expert to drive growth and oversee the company’s technology operations and goals. When CEOs or other executives realize there’s a technical management vacuum to be filled in the startup, the next and most important decision is figuring out if they need a fractional CTO or technical co-founder.

There are several similarities and differences between fractional CTOs (also called part-time CTOs or CTO consultants) and technical co-founders, and the one you choose to hire can make or break your business. This article explains the differences between part-time CTOs and technical co-founders, their responsibilities, how to find a fractional CTO, and which would be more suitable for your startup.

Part-Time CTO vs. Technical Co-Founder

First off, a fractional CTOis a Chief Technology Officer hired by a company on a part-time basis. This individual performs the tasks of a CTO but only for a limited period of time and on a limited number of projects. Technical co-founders on the other hand are co-founders often very well-known to a company’s CEO. They lead growth on the company’s technological front, are a member of its executive board, and have some percentage of equity in the startup. This is not the case for most fractional CTOs, as these professionals are typically paid salaries like other non-executive hires, with some exceptions.

CEOs can be visionaries, and have fantastic product and growth ideas, but not have the technical know-how to power the implementation of these ideas. For today’s startups, it is all too important to invest in technical expertise, as technology no longer holds a mere support role in modern-day companies.

Importance of Technical Experts

Technical experts are essential to lead software and other tech teams, and make executive decisions on the tech front of startups. It is good to find a fractional CTO because of the thousands of startups in the world right now, experts reveal that less than half of them will get to the five-year mark, and two of the drivers of startup success are execution/team and timing. What this means is that successful startups get their Time to Market (TTM) right, and have the right technical expertise to streamline operations and optimize product development timing and delivery.

CTO or Technical Co-Founder

When a startup realizes that they have these gaping needs, it then becomes a question of whether a part-time CTO or technical co-founder is a better fit. The responsibilities of these two roles intersect at so many points at the beginning of the startup life cycle, but may begin to diverge as the company scales.

In terms of responsibility, both these roles act as your startup’s technical lead. Their roles include designing software, build your company’s technology stack and team, optimize application architecture, and ensure product and infrastructure scalability. They also explore new technologies, ensure that your company uses technologies efficiently, and are fully involved in hiring and training skilled personnel for your company’s tech team.

As regards to their differences, technical co-founders and fractional CTOs differ in several ways. Fractional CTOs are a solid, cost-effective alternative to technical co-founders as they typically cost less and offer valuable technical expertise. Also, a CTO consultant will typically not share in the equity of a company. These experts have experience leading tech teams and have all the necessary expertise to streamline tech processes and build technology strategies to drive growth in your startup. 

Why Fractional CTOs are in High Demand

Full-time in-house CTOs are a fantastic option for startups who simply cannot spare more equity for executive hires. However, it can cost your startup a huge price to hire a full-time CTO. Fractional CTOs are the perfect solution, as they can provide growing companies with access to the technical expertise of a CTO for a fraction of the hiring cost.

Part-time CTO services have been around for a long time, but the demand for their valuable services has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether due to a shift to remote work or for the value they bring at lower costs, companies and startups are seeking the services of fractional CTOs more than ever before. Their invaluable expertise and flexibility have made fractional CTOs the technical leaders of choice for startups around the country. So, it is better to find a fractional cto.

How Fractional CTOs Can Help Startups

Fractional CTOs can help build and lead a talented tech team for specific projects or to meet the overall technology goals of a company. A fractional CTO handles all the R&D while other executives can focus on other aspects of business growth. They also ensure to do this within the scope of your budget while working to maintain quality standards throughout.

Your CTO consultant can also help build the most suitable technology stack for your startup, and utilize automation software that streamlines operations and drives goals. Technology is evolving at a fast rate, and so is the available number of technological products available on the market. This has made it a lot harder to keep up and determine which tools and products are worth investing in. A fractional CTO’s job includes keeping up with the times and helping your company choose the most worthwhile investments.

Hiring a CTO Consultant

To find a fractional CTO that’s ideal for your startup, you’ll need to find companies that provide expert part-time CTO services, as they will have a number of pre-vetted and highly reviewed professionals for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can check recruitment sites, job boards, or find part-time CTOs through networking and referrals.

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