Comparison between Eyefinity EHR and Revolution EHR 2023

Eyefinity EHR– an overview 

Eyefinity is a cloud-based software used to simplify the medical documentation procedure. The company’s patient portal assists in managing patient records, including appointment scheduling and billing, through an integrated dashboard to improve staff accuracy and productivity.  Revolution EHR also Play Important Role.

Key features offered by Eyefinity EHR 

  • Cloud-Based Application: You can access documents from anywhere in the world using a cloud-based application.  
  • Patient Portal: Patients can plan appointments on their own using a patient portal, examine e-prescriptions, and schedule tests and following assignments using an accessible dashboard. Utilize outlets to effortlessly bill clients and deliver accurate invoicing statements.  
  • Customizable Dashboard: A customizable dashboard allows you to remove tabs or add new ones to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Change the calendars, and relocate the widgets and modules to a convenient spot.  
  • Claim Tracking: Utilize cutting-edge analytics to track pending claims that may need further investigation. To lessen disagreements, capture records of incorrect charges and insurance ineligibility.  
  • E-Prescribing: Doctors use detailed report statements and patient histories to create electronic prescriptions and refills.  
  • Exam System: Utilize modern features, dashboards that may be customized, and quick technology to review and finish exam records.  
  • Step-by-Step Direction: Use an intuitive user interface with detailed instructions to do tasks quickly and effectively. Look at the programming guidelines for a more precise understanding and easier use.  
  • Sharing of Interoperable Charts: Utilize CEHRT to focus on patient charting and provide physicians and patients with immediate access to health reports and healthcare data. In addition, organized collection techniques and precise analysis promote good communication among doctors, pharmacies, patients, and staff members.  
  • MIPS Compliance: Use MIPS to reduce audit risk and produce high-quality reports and improved assessments. Using the integrated registry and IRIS, enable automatic data submission.  

Why consider Eyefinity EHR?  

  •   Access patient information whenever and wherever you want—safe, secure, and cloud-based  
  • iPad-native technology delivers advanced use and experience  
  • Efficiency Gains Using Smart Technology  
  •  Compatibility with practice management platforms  
  • Stages 1 and 2 of Meaningful Use certified for ICD-10  
  • Reduced exam time can result in an additional patient each day, adding up to $91,000 annually.  
  • One-minute exam notes reduce waiting time and boost sales  
  •  Accuracy is increased through automatic code billing, facilitating faster reimbursements.  
  •  Patients can access their medical records and secure messaging through the patient portal.  

Eyefinity EHR Pros and Cons 


  • The comprehensive optometry software Eyefinity EHR has all the standard functionality seen in other programs in its class.  
  • The program includes a built-in telemedicine component that encourages patient involvement.  
  • The Eyefinity EHR’s tech support team responds quickly.  


  • New users may find it challenging to navigate the Eyefinity EHR.  
  • The software experiences periodic issues that limit performance.  

What is the Eyefinity EHR price in reality?  

License fees for Eyefinity EHR start at $100 per provider.  

What is Revolution EHR, and might it be used as a replacement for Eyefinity EHR? 

The Revolution EHR software was created expressly to meet the needs of opticians and optometrists. It is a cloud-based program with simple access and no storage problems. Moreover, since practice management software organizes all everyday business-related activities like medical billing, electronic health records, medical accounting, and much more, medical professionals can tremendously profit from it.  

Revolution EHR serves as the ideal assistant, freeing optometry professionals from concentrating on IT-related problems or dealing with mountains of paperwork, allowing them to work more productively every day.  

Key features offered by Revolution EHR 

  • SmartFlow: Connect with vendors of corrected vision products to streamline the ordering process. Order prescription eyewear and contact lenses online and send the orders directly to vendors.  
  • RevIntegrator: To automatically collect and enter data into a patient’s medical records, use the RevIntegrator to connect refractive and imaging devices to the platform directly. Cut down on time spent manually entering medical data.  
  • RevConnect: Interact with patients directly from the platform and control all text and email correspondence in one location. Check the status of your appointments and orders, monitor your performance with dashboards, and send patient reminders.  
  • Registration: Make forms for certain appointment kinds, patients, or insurance companies. Digitally transmit, receive, and save registration paperwork. You can also program patient reminders for incomplete forms.  
  • Schedule: Include a scheduling feature on an optometrist’s website. Online appointment scheduling by patients occurs, and data is submitted to the platform for management and viewing.  
  • Surveys: Create personalized surveys that patients can fill out following appointments. Virtually give links to internet review sites and survey questions.  
  • RevPayments: Take payments from patients right in the portal. To process payments, connect credit card terminals or manually enter the necessary data. Update expired credit card information automatically to minimize denied costs.  

key advantages of utilizing Revolution EHR  

  • For both private and public-facing optometry EHR and a variety of practice management capabilities, Revolution EHR offers an online software solution.  
  • Keep up-to-date health records that are ONC-ATCB certified with support for configurable exam kinds, historical exam data, and automatic results letter creation.  
  • Additional EHR options include the FDA prescription database, ePrescription support, customizable treatment plans, and access to Dr. Charles Brownlow for eye care consulting inquiries.  
  • Patients who want to update their medical histories and make appointment bookings online can now do so, thanks to personal health record features.  
  • Practice administration tools include scheduling, accounting, claims submission, patient list export, letter generation, and reporting, all of which have 256-bit data encryption and user access restrictions.  

Revolution EHR pros and cons 


  • The remedy provides users with numerous characteristics that rival competitors lack.  
  • Because it offers both data backup and data security, the solution is dependable.  
  • Most users find the solution simply because of the user interfaces’ visibility and clarity.  


  • The remedy is costly, and only a small number of people. 

Final Thought   

Your requirements and financial strategy ultimately determine the software you choose. We conclude that Eyefinity EHR is a management solution for electronic health records for companies of all sizes. It supports several areas, including practice management, scheduling, patient data management, and more. On the other hand, Revolution EHR, a cloud-based electronic health record solution, is designed for optometry practices of all sizes and is also built as a medical practice management solution. 

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