The Best Event Website Optimization Tips To Increase Event Attendees!!

Best Event Microsite Optimization Tips To Increase Event Attendees

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The most effective marketing tool you can use to advertise your future events is an event microsite. They instruct and amuse potential guests while giving them comprehensive information about the event. More significantly, event registration and ticketing websites are fantastic methods to increase attendance at your event!

Here are some suggestions for using an excellent event ticketing platform and registration to build anticipation and buzz around your event.

Utilize Credible Images on Event Microsite

To attract potential attendees, an event’s visual appeal must be flawless, thus it’s always a good idea to have a variety of professional photographs to choose from when promoting your event. Don’t forget to incorporate the images from previous events that your team hired a professional photographer to take of the attendees, speakers, and other activities on your event website! Fear of missing out (FOMO) may result from this, which may encourage further in-person event registrations.

If you haven’t hired a photographer before, let this serve as a gentle reminder that real, candid images can help your attendees recollect and share your event online long after the fact. Photos are wonderful promotional material for your future usage. Consider including images that portray the essence of your event in the meantime from other sources. Ask your venue contact for some of their favorite pictures of the venue because venues are always invested in having great pictures of their area.

On the event website, try to stay away from stock photos nevertheless, as they could come off as unauthentic. Making the website more believable and relatable involves using actual photos from previous on-ground events and nearby locations—or anything else your visitors may be familiar with.

Adapt It To Mobile Devices

A “responsive” or “mobile-friendly” microsite for events is what? These are websites that instantly change their layout to fit the user’s screen. This implies that a person can get all the information they require in an easy-to-use, easy-to-read style, exactly like they would on a desktop or laptop computer, regardless of the sort of phone or tablet they are using.

Even when they are already present, participants often research the specifics of the event. A mobile-responsive hybrid conference platform for registration and ticketing offers a uniform user experience for your attendees, puts all event information at their fingertips, and reduces annoyance. A responsive website design investment benefits SEO optimization. Google favors websites that are mobile-friendly over those that are only available on desktops. That’s why CMO corporate summits which are conducted online are utilizing such strategies.

Therefore, the likelihood that your mobile-responsive website will rank highly in the search results is immediately increased. In fact, Google now penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly! 

Facilitate Event Microsite Registration

One straightforward objective of an event registration platform is to turn visitors into participants. Make sure your website has a clear registration process and all the relevant information on the page in order to offer a seamless registration experience. Use call-to-action (CTA) buttons to guide visitors to the registration form. Make sure your CTA is easy to spot by using a larger text, a different colour, or a pill button to set it from the rest of the page. Creating a microsite and using event microsite best practices for registration is the key factor to making your event a success. 

Make It Simple To Buy Tickets

A successful event website must offer a satisfying checkout process. Don’t let a tedious registration process make a visitor second-guess signing up after they’ve already made up their minds to do so.

Keep in mind that less is more while creating your registration form. The Baymard Institute claims that a drawn-out and challenging checkout experience can result in 17% checkout abandonment. However, the same data also states that a seamless checkout design can result in a close to 36% increase in checkout completion, so it’s important to make sure your procedure is as effective as possible! The best method to ensure the most mobile-optimized payments is to collaborate with a seasoned ticketing partner.

Clear Schedules And Agendas

Make sure the website properly states important elements such as event details, venue, date, time, event descriptions, and line-ups. The more plainly you can present this data, the better! Think about including it in your hero image or at the very top of the page.

Ensure that all events, including any conferences that will follow the event, are listed on the agenda. Your prospective turnout will be higher the more justifications you can provide for people to attend your event.

Add Videos To Your Event Microsite

Online videos have overwhelmingly overtaken all other forms of media in popularity, largely due to social networking. What’s not to like, then? Videos are engaging, simple to understand, and very participatory. Videos are highly useful promotional tools as well, and there are many different ways to use them on event websites. A dynamic online experience can be made by using video material on your homepage instead of a hero image (or another type of image).

Facilitate Social Sharing

The finest form of marketing is still word of mouth and for good reason! If a friend or acquaintance suggests something, people are considerably more likely to give it a try. This human propensity has been reinforced by social media, which makes information sharing simple.

How To Make A Fantastic Event Website

A large team of designers, developers, and copywriters usually works together to create the page, craft the brand language, and update the website frequently when the event releases news about new speakers, sponsors, and ticket discounts.

It certainly sounds like a lot of work. Thankfully, things don’t have to be this way. It can be quite easy to create and update your event website when you use event platforms that have a built-in website builder. These platforms have made it simple for event planners to design the ideal website without having to rely extensively on pricey outside contractors or use resources from other divisions of your company. 

These are the best event website optimization tips that will surely increase your event attendee count. Thank you for reading. 

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