9 Easy Hacks to Strengthen Your Invisalign Results

9 Easy Hacks to Strengthen Your Invisalign

Gone are those days when you used to stick metal braces to straighten your teeth. You would not pay for those weird things today – not anymore as long as you have faith in Invisalign. According to studies, people with straighter teeth are happier, healthier and smarter when they choose to straighten their teeth with cheap Invisalign London.

Unlike metal braces, they are not uncomfortable and painful to look at. There are no hassles of metal wires poking around in the mouth or being called ‘metal mouth’. Invisalign makes your everyday life a lot easier, thanks to the invisibility factor. You undergo a treatment to straighten your teeth without people knowing anything about it. After all, Invisalign is transparent and clear, meaning they are not visible.  

You are better off with your perfect smile and confidence when you choose Invisalign as part of your orthodontic treatment. However, not many get desired results from the treatment and there are good reasons behind it.

This is not because the treatment itself is ineffective but because they do not pay heed to what their orthodontists suggest. As long as you religiously follow every step that leads you to a straighter and healthier teeth, you are good – no matter what age group you are in. From teens to adults, this treatment can be effective if they know these Invisalign hacks we are going to compile below.

Do the cleaning when you are eating

The results of the treatment depend solely on the number of hours you keep the aligners on your teeth. The more you keep them wearing, the faster and better results will follow. Dentists ask patients to keep their aligners in for 22 to 24 hours every day.

The time you are left with should be used for eating, brushing, flossing, or maybe drinking anything other than water. This is the time when you use to clean your aligners. When you are busy eating, put the aligners in a cleaning solution.

Leave the aligner trays for at least 5 minutes in the solution and take them out. You are good if you do this ritual twice a week. You will notice your trays will stay and look fresh for a long time.

What if you forgot to put your aligners back in?

Are you the forgetful type? You may have taken out the aligners for whatever good reason and ended up stuck with some other tasks, completely forgetting about the aligners. Well, it happens to almost everyone. It is something desirable to forget to put back the aligners as it can delay the process.

To avoid such a scenario, especially when you are at the beginning of your treatment, make use of a smart way. Put a timer on your smartphone the moment you take them out. Over time, you will start adjusting to the new habit. So, take small steps and have faith in yourself.

Note: Some patients go for Invisalign attachments for speeding up the teeth realigning process. Otherwise called buttons, these are tiny, round pieces of dental bonding attached to your original teeth. They are designed to hold your aligner trays better while correcting your bite more effectively.

A travel-friendly kit can save you big

With best Invisalign London, brushing would be a little too frequent. Therefore, carrying a dental hygiene kit makes sense whenever you set foot out.  

Put a decent toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss, the retainer case, and chewies in your kit and you are good to go. Thus, you can brush your teeth after breakfast or lunch even if you are not in your home.

Switch new aligners before going to bed at night

Once you are done with your old aligners and are ready to put the new ones on, make sure you pick nighttime to change your aligners. Thus, your teeth will have more time to settle in with the new set of aligners. This also means it will ensure uninterrupted treatment.

A nail buffer can come to your rescue

The plastic of your aligner trays can often irritate your gums, leaving you with a sense of discomfort. You definitely do not want that. What’s the solution then? Get a nail buffer and smoothen the sharp edges of your aligner trays to eliminate any sort of disruption.

You will instantly feel a great sense of relief.

Use an aligner removal tool

An aligner removal tool can come in handy for those who do not want to risk damaging their newly manicured nails. It is a great hack and can save you a lot of time and effort in removing the aligners.

A retainer case saves you always

No matter wherever you go inside or outside the house, a safety measure can get you a long way. Yes, we are talking about retainer cases. Why not keep one with you whenever you take them out, say, for having snacks?

Since aligners are transparent, you may not find them in the first place after taking them out and they may get broken or lost. Not only will it need you to spend more on new aligners but it will also disrupt the treatment time- which you do not want.

Get into the habit of putting your aligners in the case as soon as you take them out. It is a great hack.

Last but not least; smile

You got Invisalign because no one really can notice them on your teeth. This affords you an opportunity to laugh more and flaunt your amazing smile with confidence.

At Chatfield Dental Braces, we ensure you have the best experience undergoing the treatment. Apart from following the hacks mentioned here, when you choose to get the treatment done at a good place, chances are high that you will have greater results in no time.

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